Delpho Blue property is located in a lush green hills of Las Delicias. The name of this place has the origin in the climate increasingly cool and airy than the surrounding places … “a real treat” or “las delicias”, ancients said when they arrived on these hills.

Despite being on the edge of the forest, it has connections with: Montezuma (2 km), Cobano (6 km) and has easy access to parks, nature reserves, surrounding waterfalls and it is just 30’ from Tambor national airport.

The property consists of:
-Main house with a large garden partly planted with fruit trees,
-“Tierra y Fuego” restaurant with large parking and games for children,
-“Jungle House” bungalow with a large veranda surrounded by vegetation.

A part of the area is used as a vegetable garden planted with aquaponics system, while most of the area is reserved for botanical garden, where you can see trees and flowers of many species, also rare, and where it is possible to observe animals at risk or in danger, re-introduced in nature.